I love your company and what you stand for. I recently bought one of your shirts and I make a point to wear it on the really hard days.

My 15 year old daughter has an incurable brain disease. She’s had 35 brain surgeries in 5 years. We run a website and I recently wrote a blog post about this very motto- Living A Great Story.

Attached is the blog link. I’m the one in the green LIVE A GREAT STORY t-shirt. Also is my 19 year old Alyssa, 15 year old Makayla, her Service Dog Bailey, and my husband Dallas.

Thank you for being light in dark places. Thank you for reminding us all that we always have the choice to LIVE A GREAT STORY.

Alaina Weaver

I make sure that everything I do has purpose. I want to leave behind only positivity when i go and so my motto is to live a life full of purpose. And live a great story fits that so perfectly.”

Shelbie Moser


“Our society can be so fast-paced and chaotic that we often forget to slow down, live in the moment, and live a great story. That’s why I was sold on your merchandise-it encourages people to love their lives to the fullest while encouraging others around them to do the same.”

Jessica Vinciguerra


“It was 3 years ago when I first read the words “live a great story” it was written on a tshirt and I remember thinking “I want that shirt”  The words hit me and hit me hard! I’ve been hooked ever since. Such a simple yet powerful compilation of words. I carry live a great story reminders everywhere, I have a sticker on my car, on my phone, I’ve got a pin on a purse as well as a 2 shirts and a sweater. May seem a bit much but the truth is I want these reminders around, for myself as well as others. I love how live a great story inspires people differently and means something different to us all. To Me, a 35 year old mother of two, live a great story inspires me in several ways, to slow down my rat race to be spontaneous and adventurous with my kids. It’s taking a vacation when I know I probably shouldn’t. But most importantly It’s living in the moment, happily, as these are the moments that will make up our life’s story. “

Cristina S.


“I love wearing this shirt because people constantly ask me if I am indeed living a great story. It forces me to reflect on my life and where I’m headed on my path, which is an important part of living a great story. I recently quit a well-paying job that would’ve brought little fulfillment in the long run so that I can travel and work on projects that I believe benefit Mother Earth and my fellow inhabitants of this wonderful place. Live A Great Story has empowered me to take the path less traveled, and so far it’s been a beautiful journey.”