Ambassadors are Movers + Shakers who are writing their own story, spreading inspiration and making an impact

Paul Jimenez

My most significant experience was with supporting my school’s chapter for Camp Kesem – a nationwide nonprofit that supports children affected by a parent’s cancer with a fully funded week of Summer Camp.

Taylor Loyd

Taylor Loyd is the co-founder of Austin Crossfit Gym Iron Greenhouse with a super inspiring story of perseverance and self will to overcome drugs, abuse and a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles

Angelina Cude

After pursuing a life of work work work with a perpetual theme of overcoming sadness through consumerism and nightlife, Angelina took a step back to evaluate her direction.

Dominick Nicholas

Dominick Nicholas is (now) an Oahu based photographer and video producer with a passion for living simply, following what’s inside and living a full life

Kaila Uli

Kaila is an L.A. based model and self-declared “body positive activist” who wants everyone to know they are good enough exactly as they are.

Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis started Car Window Poetry with the goal of spreading inspiration through encouraging notes on car windows. He’s been featured on ABC Nightly News and his movement is slowly spreading across the country.

Bob Wallace aka @DaddyOtis

Bob Wallace aka @DaddyOtis is an Austin based artist who has painted 8+ LIVE Reminders at HOPE Outdoor Gallery that tens of thousands of people have taken pictures of

Lou Redmond

From a drug-fueled existence to quitting his 9-5 to pursue my dream, Lou Redmond drastically transformed his life from a passion for partying to a passion for living with purpose, love, and meaning.


Ambassadors are awesome people who make a positive impact, live meaningful stories and spread the LIVE inspiration with their community. We’d love to have you on board for our next season! Just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch around September


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