Rally with The Squad to spread a ripple effect of great stories

The Squad is a group of like-minded people inspiring each other to make conscious decisions that align you with your story


You’re pushing your comfort zone

You might be a creative, building a business or run a non-profit

Or you might just be focused on living a more full life!

You want to connect with like-minded people

Want to be a part of something bigger

Must be 18+ years old


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Rosy Ferguson
LIVE has just inspired me to take forward steps for my career more than other things. Since joining the LIVE tribe, I have 1) started paperwork to turn my business into a nonprofit 2) Decided to apply for grad schools and further my education 3) started a blog where we feature creatives in Phoenix 4) started hosting community classes for restorative movement I feel like there will be more as time goes on, too. Can’t wait! God bless LIVE. LONG LIVE LIVE.
Aiden Diaz
I find my joy out of serving others and giving others a platform to share. The difference between before I found LIVE and after is that before I simply did not think my own story was important. Now I find that sometimes the most important story for me to tell is my own. Not just verbally but by actually living it and by continuing to be passionate about what I do and the things I love. And in these moments of realization I have found myself more driven to create and not allow fear to stop me from starting or finishing things.
Allyssa Carlos
Having the stickers sitting in my wallet and or my purse everyday and constantly seeing that LIVE A GREAT STORY keeps me inspired (Read : Super cheesy but super real!) It makes me want to just get up and have a go-getter mood and game on everyday! Before LIVE I was more timid and intimidated when it comes to going after what I like and enjoy. But having this huge support group is just WOW! This group has pushed me to keep working on my blog and really spoke me through not letting other people’s judgments intimidate me or keep me from doing my thing!


Taylor Loyd

Taylor Loyd is the co-founder of Austin Crossfit Gym Iron Greenhouse with a super inspiring story of perseverance and self will to overcome drugs, abuse and a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles

On the Bus Podcast

On the Bus Podcast (Brandon + Daniel) is converting a bus into a mobile studio to travel South America to interview and engage with guests along the way

Alex Lewis

Alex Lewis started Car Window Poetry with the goal of spreading inspiration through encouraging notes on car windows. He’s been featured on ABC Nightly News and his movement is slowly spreading across the country.

Rachel Kellogg

My story comes with a lot of twists and turns. Ones that were extremely dark in the midst of unfolding. Fast forward a few months and I wouldn’t change those twists for anything. Why? Because they’ve made my story so much more meaningful and a hell of a lot more fruitful. Why keep your story to yourself?