I started to feel significantly more fulfilled with my life when I started valuing experiences over possessions. I first saw a ‘Live A Great Story’ sticker in Austin when I was on a run around Town Lake during my freshman year, and it has since guided all my decisions to create the best experiences possible. I am now in my final semester at the University of Texas, and I could not be more excited about what’s next.

I’m graduating early for exactly one reason. I want to travel. And I don’t want to feel rushed when I do. I’m looking forward to seeing as much of Southeast Asia as possible before I hit Europe and do the same over there. Sometime between that first time I saw the LIVE sticker and now, I have become obsessed with wanting to explore. Following countless travel photographers on Instagram makes it pretty easy to want to get out there and do it yourself. But it’s not just those photographers that inspire me; it is everything around me. Art, music, movies, colors, fashion, interior design, food, lights, people. Anything and everything. And I want to experience all these everythings around the globe. I’ve made a strong effort in the past three years to see as much as I can in the states, and now I’m excited to see what else the world has to offer.

I found that I am most inspired by people when I realize how passionate they are about something. I hope to inspire others by showing my passion for travel through photography. I love taking pictures, and I love sharing those pictures even more. I don’t want to only inspire other people to travel to new places (though that is certainly part of it). I want to inspire people to try new things in general. Having an open mind is having a healthy mind. Not every experience will end up being a good one. But how will you know which ones are worth having if you don’t ever try new ones? Plus, don’t the bad ones make some of the best stories?

IG: @ericnicholscreative

Web: www.ericnicholscreative.com

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