To me “LIVE A GREAT STORY” means to build others up and help them, no matter what their struggle might be.

My story began with a high school friend of mine, Jack, who is now living his life as a quadriplegic. He was injured several years ago while serving our country. He lost his night vision goggles while he was skydiving which caused him to land too soon. He was paralyzed upon impact, and to this day, is wheelchair bound. He is always giving back to others, even while working on his own rehabilitation. A non-profit group in honor of Jack was started with him, a few other friends, and myself in order to give back to the Veterans and other non-profits in the community.

Since his injury, he’s done some rad stuff, including scuba diving and yes, skydiving! He is my hero and my inspiration.

I started running marathons about the same time he was injured.  I ran a qualifying time in California and got into the 2013 Boston Marathon. On race day, I told Jack that I was running for him and I smiled the whole way. Last year, my marathoning hobby took a turn and I now take photographs. I guess the moral of my story is that I am fortunate, I am able, and I can make someone else’s life better. We all have that ability. This is why I love this movement. We all have a way of giving back, you just have to remind yourself to LIVE A GREAT STORY.

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