People look at athletes and think “They have it all.” They look up to us. The admiration and praise received for gifts we’ve had bestowed upon us generates sublime feelings. 

Most think athletic ability comes natural. I’m not sure that the hard work behind the scenes seeps through. Yes, natural skill is a big part of success, but hard work is the real deciding factor. When your legs are screaming at you like you’re being burnt in an inferno, you tell them to shutup and give me one more rep. 

People don’t see the 4am workouts. They don’t hear the inner voice begging them to hang with friends on weekends. They don’t feel the emotional tears of daily failure. The requisite self abuse and self sacrifice for something greater. But it’s there, and it’s worth it.

You know what else people don’t see from athletes?

They don’t see the infrastructure we have built around us. Everyday is scheduled and organized for us. Every workout, every meeting, every practice and class, study time and meals. All of it. 

And then one day it hits us : we aren’t going pro. Our dreams may not come true. All the time and energy we’ve spent in order to achieve our dreams won’t happen. This isn’t going to last forever. 

Whether it’s leaving college or leaving the pros, every athlete will reach that brutal day of torturous mental needling when the game is no longer the benchmark of their life. Then you must ask yourself: Where do we turn to next? What do we do then?

Please be aware, this isn’t a call for empathy. 

Not at all. This is us sharing what we went through so you can better understand who we are today.

Because when it all ended, we were left sitting there wondering, “What now? Do I have to learn new skills? How do I schedule my routine? Where do I make money? What is my passion? Where do I go next?”

A lot of ex-athletes go through reckless behavior patterns…. and that’s exactly where we begin our story. Two ex athletes in the jungles of a music festival – so far removed from our friends that we we’re each alone in the Cosmic Meadow for Tommy Trash on a cool weekend morning. Brandon looks over at Daniel – a lunatic shaking his head like a charlatan in English court denying his guilt. Naturally, we were drawn to each other.

It’s that very reckless and turbulent mindset that drove us to do things outside the boundaries of normality, because once you’ve already pushed your boundaries, because we’d already drowned out the thoughts of those who said we can’t, we knew better then anyone that anything is possible. Whether it was living on the beaches of Costa Rica playing poker (Daniel) or hopping a plane to South Africa alone to backpack (Brandon) we both explored our boundaries. When you explore the fringes of society – you meet other people living those fringes. The outliers. The doers. The extremists and wanna be’s. Everyone who is out there with a unique worldview… and acting on it. 

Fast forward to a road trip in 2015. After several run ins with the same characters in Bolivia and Chile, Brandon put together a road trip with 5 strangers down the coast of Chile. They rented a zebra painted van with the goal of reaching Santiago in 5 days. 

“Those 5 days didn’t change me. Instead they helped me realize my passion, my calling if you will…what I wanted to do. It showed me how I want to spend my days; on the pursuit to make the most of every minute, every encounter. That my passion was being on the road and constantly collecting experiences. That spending time with new people was my calling. “

But that raised a major question. “How do I do it?”

The journey of traveling and experiencing for a living began there as an idea. But it was still just a seed that had no water for sprouting. 

We got together and developed a plan to build a bus to South America that would allow us to travel, meet people, learn and soak up all that we encountered. And in that plan we realized we love talking to people.

There are some common misconceptions about our generation. “Entitled, lazy, and misguided,” are some of the stereotypical phrases often beset upon us. A generation of nomads, lost and seeking redemption. “They barely want to work at all,” one major publication states. But Is it true? 

We embarked on a mission to showcase that YES, our generation is plagued by an intrinsic desire to gain more from their lives. We are the benchmark for that. So we set out to show that today’s young adults are redefining the public opinion of work. 

They are working not just harder than ever before, but they are working differently. That in a culture of access to technology, information, and transportation — they are building their dream job. That you can niche, learn and work from anywhere you want. 

And so, On The Bus Podcast was born!

A medium to interview, converse, and share stories with other young adults living out their dreams. We find people who have unique career paths and we sit down to talk with them. But of course, the podcast is more than that : it’s engaging in the experience. 

We believe that collaboration and relationships are drivers for innovation and happiness. Open sources and shared spaces allow for mutually beneficial relationships that in turn expedite growth. A spider would be lost without a web. In collaborating with our guests we can better research, develop, and understand their struggles and skills to share them with the world. For example, after we spoke with a U.S. bobsledder – he took us to his sled workouts and trained us.

This was our lives coming together. We would build a mobile studio as a bus to travel the world and interview the wonderful people we meet along the way. We could collaborate on so many different layers. 

A quote that represents who we are: “Searching for mobility that is both upward and downward.”

 We want to learn from people smarter and cooler than us. To spend time improving our lives by hanging out with people doing things we only dream of being experts at. The smartest, coolest, and most creative people in the world. That’s upward mobility. But we also want to offer a platform to people who are only just starting on their dream journey. To give them the same opportunity we are getting from those above us. They may not have a platform yet but they will, and we want to provide that support by bringing them on the podcast and sharing their story, or by giving them a digital nomad seat on our bus so they can incubate their creative project. That’s downward mobility. The full circle that represents the bus.

We are in the midst of launching our Kickstarter, where you can find more information below, in which we look to pledge enough funds to help with the 

Flight to South America

Purchasing the Bus

Building the Bus 

New Microphones

Wi-Fi, Satellite, and a Camera

We launched this Kickstarter so that our Great Story can share other people’s great stories. And continue the cycle.

It’s been an incredible ride with support we never imagined. And the story just starts here. There are infinite people along the way helping us and our goal is to return that favor and Live Our Great Story for them too. 

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