I’ve always loved nature. As a kid I spent most of my time exploring the woods behind my home; climbing boulders, jumping in the creek and seeking out all of the wildlife. I enjoyed being outside, the rush of the unknown, the adventure. It was the experiences at this creek that sparked a true passion for the love of the outdoors and the wilderness in my heart.

As I got older, I never really had a dream about “what I wanted to be”. While most of my friends were going to college to become doctors, lawyers, clothing designers, artists, athletes and stuntmen, I just knew I wanted to travel and explore new places.  I kept this goal to myself, for fear my friends and family would think it was childish or stupid.  So I struggled, searching for some kind of career path that would make my parents and friends proud of me. 

But after 31 years on this planet, I finally decided to no longer neglect my deep needs just to suit the expectations of others.  I was tired of being unhappy every day at a dead end job I hated. I needed more. I need to travel, to see places, to hit the road.

“This isn’t how someone should live. We were not put on this planet to work our lives away. There’s so much out there to see. This planet is our home. We should explore all it has to offer.”

I couldn’t follow the traditional social standard of waking up every single day to a desk job. It wasn’t for me. Working for a paycheck, living for the weekends, putting off adventures for “later”, following the daily routine; none of this was for me. 

“I’m not going to wait until I’m older to live, I’m starting NOW!”

I began saving pictures of places I wanted to visit. Seeing them online wasn’t enough : I had to go in person. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for it, but no longer would money be the only thing standing in my way.

I thought I would go alone. Who would be crazy enough to go on this adventure with me? But a few weeks later while kayaking with my friend Kyle, I showed him the pictures of the destination I’d collected. He was blown away at the idea of seeing all these places and said he would tag along. I wasn’t sure he would follow through, but soon after, he gave his boss a two weeks notice. He was coming!

Not long after that, we gathered some gear and hit the road, guided only by pictures of places we wanted to see. No routes, no map, no timeline, just a deep desire to roam freely.

And thus, Wandering Beards was born. It’s a site that a small group of us hope to transform into a bigger name focused on inspiring people to travel, to share our own stories from the road and to give people a new perspective of the massive opportunities each one of us has in life.

And that was it! After 30 years I finally took action and stepped towards my dream, something I had wanted since I was a kid. I may not reach my ultimate goal. I may only inspire a few people. But I know that I’m following what’s inside me, chasing what fuels me and because of that I won’t give up. 

I’m going to keep wandering, no matter what.

Wandering Beards


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