32 Action Steps to Move Your Story Forward *this week*


Life is a constant flow of ups and downs, success and failures, movement and stagnation… and sometimes we get stuck. We don’t know what to do next and if we aren’t careful, this stuck-ness can linger and can last a lot longer than we want.

How do you get out of it? ACTION

Taking action is the best way to move forward. Even if they are just small actions, the purpose behind seemingly minor steps gets the ball rolling again.

Newton’s first law says : “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion” 

So we put together this list of small things you can do TODAY that will get you in motion again!

1) Sweat

Take a workout class. Go for a run. Ride a bike. Just sweat (and try to do it everyday)

2) Start a book

Crack a book and just start reading. Start the habit by reading just a little bit, even 5 minutes, daily

3) Podcast

There’s so many good podcasts out there that make it so easy to learn, get inspired and entertain

4) Send a letter / postcard / card

The old school way : snail mail. Grab a cute card or some printer paper and write to someone.. yes, with a pen or pencil

5) Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile

Life gets busy and it can be pretty hard to stay in touch with people so pick up the phone and call your homie!

6) Write down your biggest and scariest goals

The most hugest, scariest, almost impossible goals.. what’s to lose?

7) Start journaling / blogging

Start with sharing thoughts, recap-ing your day or thinking forward. It will help you think more clearly and you’ll thank yourself in 10 years

8) Start planning

Grab a planner (our favorite is Passion Planner!) and start planning so you can start executing on the vision

9) Meditate

Apps like Headspace make it reallllllly easy to start

10) Go out alone

Go sit at a bar by yourself, say “Hi” to a stranger to see what happens

11) Watch some TED talks

If you know, you know. If you don’t, check itttttt

12) Try something you’ve never done

Sing. Dance. Write. Photo. Exercise… just try something new!

13) Tell someone you love them


14) Make 3 people smile

Smiles are contagious

15) Try being vegetarian / vegan

16) Listen to the first album you loved

It’s kind of like time-traveling

17) Call your grandparents

You’ll be in their shoes one day and would love a call from your grandkids

18) Go “Live” on social media

Hit that “Live” button on Facebook or Instagram and see what happens

19) Volunteer

Give back your most important gift : time

20) Visit a retirement community

They’ve been through decades and can share some wisdom

21) Go out to eat alone but try to sit with a stranger

“Hey I saw you sitting alone. I’m also solo, can I join you?”

22) Go to a yoga class

Try it out!

23) Try a new class that is outside your comfort zone 

Zumba, Kickboxing, Salsa, Crossfit

24) Talk to 1 new person each day

It’s easy : 1) Say “Hi” 2) Ask “What’s your story?”

25) Explore a part of your city you’ve never been 

Get lost in your city

26) Start learning a second language

One day at a time and you’ll eventually be fluent! Try Duolingo

27) Take a One-Day Road Trip to a place outside your city 

There’s probably some cool places real close!

28) Team Up with a “LIVE A GREAT STORY” Buddy in your city

Find an Ambassador in your city (we’re working on a more thorough location-based database of our community!)  

29) Collaborate with someone that inspires you

Find someone in your city or do it online digitally

30) Create something – even if you don’t share it with the world

Bring an idea to life!

31) Share a poem

Leave an inspiring note for a stranger : our favorite is Car Window Poetry!

32) Sign up to mentor a child

Try Mentoring.org

Bonus) Grab an Inspiration Kit!

LIVE A GREAT STORY stickers are meant to inspire you forward. Whether you’re stuck standing still or are in motion, LIVE stickers want to keep you moving forward. They’re simple Reminders to just keep going. And that’s why thousands of people put them on their phones, water bottles, computers and up around their house.. as just a Reminder to keep going.


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