You have friends, right?

Who are they? Do they live in your city or in a different place? What common interests do you share? How often do you talk to them? Do you talk to them about important things happening in your life? Why are they your friends? Are you really close to them or are they just friends by default? Do you want new friends or are you happy with your current ones? What happens if you have to move to a city and have to make new friends?

I’ve been thinking about friends a bunchhhhh lately. The train of thought started with wanting to keep in touch with people better. I’m really good at keeping in touch with people while I’m in the same area, close proximity, but I moved around a lot geographically this year and this makes it hard for me to stay in touch. And that’s just this year! What about my family friends from Charlotte? Or from when I lived in Hungary? Or the travel friends I met on the road? Then I moved from Austin to San Diego with lots of awesome friends in both places… how do I keep in touch with everyone?!

I kept thinking about this idea and slowly I realized I was asking the wrong question

The question I should have been asking was, “How can I be a better friend?”

And this question brought a wholeeee bunch of more questions and over the last couple weeks I can’t escape the thoughts. They come up when scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, when I’m texting people to hang out, when I have ideas I want to share and so many other times.

So many questions!!  What do friends mean to me? What do I mean to them? How do I keep in touch with them? Is it worth keeping in touch? How much effort should I put into friendships? Is it better to have less friends but be more connected or more friends but less?? I really don’t know but what I do know is that I want to be a good friend. But I don’t even know what being a good friend actually means!! Ahhh

Since friendship and relationships are such a crucial part of life (maybe the most important) I felt I needed some answers to these questions. So I started talking to people about it and I realized a lot of people were in the same boat. My sister and I got into a lot discussions around these ideas and we didn’t have any solutions.

Since all of these convos conveniently coincided with 2018 coming up, I’m making this topic one of my main focuses : be a better friend


I’m inviting you to come on this journey with to become a better friend because better friends make people better which makes the world better and that’s what LIVE is all about

“But how does all of this work? What are the details? Will it be a lot of work?”

When I started thinking about how to work on my friendships I realized that it really broke down into a couple of key goals

  1. Better understand my current thoughts / approach / feelings about my friends
  2. Learn more about friendship from experts, historical characters and various people in my life
  3. Take an active and conscious approach to continually develop more intentional friendships

So I started putting together a way to start working on all of these various aspects :

It will start with lots of questions. Like a lot of questions all about friends so that you can really think about everything friend friend friend. Next you’ll figure out why you actually want to do this : what’s the end goal? Then we’ll work to get clear on the types of friends, why they’re important, some tactics to keep track of people and some ways to meet new friends!

Every Sunday I’ll send out an email and a Facebook Messenger about what we’ll be focusing on for that week

*REMEMBER* I’m going to be right there with you doing all of this. Every week I’ll be asking the same questions, doing the same exercises and working on all of the ideas

I’m really excited to start down this path. It’s been a running through my mind for the last month-ish so I’m looking forward to really answering these questions, tracking the whole process and setting up some systems to keep up me on track…

So do you want to join me on this challenge?!

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