If you’ve been on any social media outlet over the past few days you have probably heard everyone hatin’ on Harvey. Except Harvey isn’t a human or a dog or a cleverly named plant – Harvey was a hurricane that destroyed and displaced thousands of people from around the coastal bend of Texas.


According to Newsweek, the cost of the flood damages was around 35 billion dollars in Houston alone. And on top of that only 2/10 people in Houston have insurance coverage.  The rest of the article maps out the horrifying details of the cost of damages Harvey has left us with.
However, in the midst of this bleak news, we’ve seen people from all over the country pull together to help our friends in need. It’s been beautiful to see all these stories come together, but we can’t help but think, what will happen when people forget? What will happen when the next big new story comes through?
Recovery is going to take years, and the bitter truth is that many of us will get tired of hearing about Harvey.
We have decided to redirect 100% of the proceeds from our TEXAS LIVE shirts to Global Giving Foundation Harvey Relief Fund as they are both highly rated on Charity Navigator and focus on providing long term recovery support through local charities after initial responders needs are met. 
Their great story starts with yours. LIVE A GREAT STORY isn’t interested in joining a “fundraising fad” that has erupted through social media. We intend to stick around until the job is done.
P.S. You also have the option to donate on their website directly, but we all know you want a LIVE shirt too. 😉