Cite Soleil is one of the most dangerous and most impoverished neighborhoods in Haiti, making it one of the riskiest places in the Western Hemisphere.

In an area of little hope, Sakala serves as Cite Soleil’s only youth community center, developing children and young adults through athletics, agronomy, and education, giving them an alternative choice to a life of violence.

After connecting with founder Daniel Tillias and touring the Sakala I was blown away at the impact they’re making in their neighborhood. Their mission of driving positive change through developing courageous children deeply touched me and I knew I had to play a small part in helping move their mission forward.

So LIVE A GREAT STORY is heading back to Sakala to deliver supplies, assist with projects and to capture the amazing inspiration flowing out this community center…

…and we need your help to make it happen


All donations make a huge impact in Haiti


LIVE A GREAT STORY is heading to Port-au-Prince, Haiti for a focused trip on Sakala, a children’s community center in the heart of one of the world’s most dangerous and underprivileged areas. We have two focuses for this trip. 

1) take supplies to further the Sakala mission, contribute manpower, investigate future action, discuss overall assistance program for Haiti

2) capture footage about the Sakala story for a media campaign for continued efforts to support their cause.

Perks for Donating to Indiegogo

We’re excited to be teaming up with Papillon Entreprise and Sa Voix for our perks!

Papillon : Orphan Prevention through Job Creation

Sa VoixHelping young women in Haiti find their voice through the arts

The really cool part is that each donation makes 3X the impact! 

Check it out : when you donate to this trip, your money goes to three areas

1) It goes towards supplies going into Haiti. We’re taking a bunch of things down there to use in sports, gardening and education

2) It goes towards supplies coming back from Haiti. ALL OF THE PERKS are made in Haiti, so each item directly contributes to the Haiti economy because they are produced by Haitians with a living wage. Haiti has terrible unemployment so each item gives jobs, support families and prevent one of the main problems in Haiti : orphans

3) A video that will capture the inspiration of Sakala and the amazing impact it’s making on hundreds of children’s lives despite being located in a major slum. (We’re possibly planning a few screenings back in the States…..)

Donations Provide Gardening, Sports and School Supplies

Outside the Lens (Non-Profit Partner)

We live in a time where there is an ever-increasing digital divide between those with access to tell their stories and those whose stories are left untold. By partnering with Outside the Lens to close this divide, we’ll be working on bringing you a window to another world. We hope to empower SAKALA to share their voice with the world through digital media. We will be exploring initial steps of setting up an OTL curriculum where Sakala children can have access to picture and video equipment and education to use them to share their stories.





Thank you so much for donating! You’re making a huge impact that will have long lasting ripples! 

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