21 years of life were spent feeling subpar. Three of those years were spent not feeling like enough and not weighing it, either. I spent college trapped in an eating disorder. The insecurities and self-doubt that followed me to San Diego left me with the evil side bitch known as Anorexia.

Through continuous work, counseling, and rehab, I can proudly say I haven’t heard from Ana in two years. My recovery has made it crystal clear why I am here :

I exist to show men and women their potential. I’m here to show them, and myself, just how important we are to this world. We are brilliant, kind, and creative. I am here to help them see their worth.

I graduated from SDSU in May (woah) and have started my first big girl job (nuts). I also teach dance to young girls, using my past experiences to build their confidence in performances and life. My greatest accomplishment in recovery, however, has been my participation in the Body Positive community on Instagram. Along with other recovery warriors, I speak about the realities of societal body expectations and how we can overcome them. Many men and women struggling with self-esteem and eating disorders have written to me and opened up about their stories. Knowing that my trauma is now encouraging others to push forward is beyond words. 

My life is far from perfect, but it is so much fuller and richer than it has ever been. I am here to discover my worth and to help others see theirs.

Much love and thanks,


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