Over the last two years we’ve had a contact form on our website and one of the boxes asked, “What does LIVE A GREAT STORY mean to you?” We’ve received hundreds of amazing answers from people around the world an over the next couple of weeks every Monday we’ll be releasing a list of 10 to start your week with some inspiration to move forward in your story.


“I saw a #liveadgreatstory sticker in San Diego and I was immediately inspired. There are times when I am depressed. But I think about that sticker, and I tell myself ‘When they tell my story, is it gonna be a good one?'” – Jaja D.

“#liveagreatstory means take the leap. Send the text. Take the trip. Spend the money (it doesn’t matter compared to the time you spend). Go out at 1 A.M. for milkshakes. Jump in the river. If it makes you happy, do it. Don’t let life get in the way of living the story that makes your heart beat faster. Just go, do, see, and be.” – Cara J.

“I recently came out of what I didn’t even notice was such a dark period in my life. I’ve suffered from what I now see was probably a slight case of depression and if not that, I can say I felt the most uninspired I had ever felt and I was okay with being average, when I’m not. As I mentioned before, I’m learning so much about who I am, my true interests, and really who my pure self is, my heart, and I am meant to be great and I want others to become great right along side of me!” – Catandra B.

“Living life to the fullest. My mom has been in remission from cancer for about 10 years, but it will come back at some point. She inspires me every day to live life like it’s your last day, and to be strong and enjoy life! I try to find the creativity in every day and place I go!” – Lexi V.

“Live a great story means: don’t settle for average! While we’re here, we have to create the best story book ever written, just for us. We aren’t on earth for a long time and we have to make it count by getting out and experiencing things that make great stories.” – Nathalie W.

“To me, #liveagreatstory is exactly that. I’ve lost many, from a young age, and I will live for me and them. I will not waste moments whenever possible, I will have as few regrets as possible. I will treat others as I wish to be treated, with the understanding that none, especially myself, is perfect. I will love as hard as I can, and dance whenever humanly possible. And I hope to spend the rest of my life doing all of these things, and meeting new people, loving the ones I know already, seeing new places, and living life as beautifully as possible.” – Valerie King-M.

“There’s a quote I love that says “we are all made up of stories” very similar to another one that says, “the universe is made of tiny stories.” I love these quotes because it shines a lot on the fact that we are all special, that we all have our own narrative and our own stories to tell. #liveagreatstory I believe also spotlights this and encourages more. I love that idea. On a personal level, when my husband and I decided to move abroad it was to begin a new chapter in our story and to reconstruct our current one. The choice to live abroad has penned a whole new life for us and one we will continue to write as we travel the world with our family.” – Jennifer L.

“The best compliment I’ve ever received was, “someone should write a book about you”. Ever since then I’ve been living for how I want to be remembered. How I live my life is the only thing I have control over in this big wide world, so I want to make magic, not monotony. I will not be ruled by the fear of missing out on a, “normal life” by choosing the lifestyle of changing cities and host families every Monday in the grand pursuit of serving others, and being a model of cultural understanding. To live a great story means to swim upstream. To do things differently-sometimes, the hard way. It’s draining. Good stories aren’t always easy. But god, when you take a step back and realize what’s important, I wouldn’t want it any other way. #liveagreatstory is simply a mission statement for the brave. For the curious. For those who see beyond themselves. For me.” – Delaney G.

“I’ve only just discovered it, but it’s certainly an awesome way to look at life! I have been using the metaphor of life being a story since hearing that viewpoint through To Write Love On Her Arms, and I truly believe in it. We are all living stories, and everyone you meet has a wealth of knowledge and experience greater than meets the eye. If there’s anything you need help with promoting in the UK, i’m more than willing to collaborate! I’m part of a network called the Yes Tribe, and it’s safe to say we share the same ethos, so no shortage of storytellers there who’d be happy to help! Keep spreading this important, inspirational message, it’s a grand idea! :)” – Benedict A.

“#liveagreatstory means doing the big things you dream about. It means throwing what you “should” and “could” do out the window, and instead creating what you want. It means taking the time to really get to know yourself, and doing what makes YOU happy, not the people around you. It means being authentically and genuinely YOU.” – Sarah K.

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