“I want people to smile and see that you don’t need to spend a lot of $ or have certain things or can only have special experiences when on vacation – I want them to find out that living a great story is a mindset that can make every ordinary day into something special.” – Mascha V. T. 

“We make countless connections in our every day lives. A simple meeting of the eyes or even the passing hello. I want to be able to let everyone know they are free to #loveagreatstory every moment of every day regardless of where or when they are.” – Michael B.

“For the first time in my life, I am on a journey of self-discovery and truly delving into what it means to be a human being on this Earth. To me, #liveagreatstory means live life to the fullest, which I am all about. Seek joy. Do fun things. Inspire others. Be spontaneous. Follow your dreams.” – Caysi D.

“#liveagreatstory means live life to the fullest and whatever story you strive to write, write it and live without regret. Live a life others would look up to and wish to have. It’s a chain reaction.. if one person lives a great story it will spark thousands more.” – Annie V.

“I am the cofounder of a nonprofit organization called The Big Picture Project which provides impoverished individuals who have been marginalized, oppressed, and forgotten with the opportunity to share their perspective and story through photography. These individuals have never held a camera, never been able to show their world through their eyes. Our goal is to transform pity into respect, to learn from their challenges as well as their triumphs, and for others to recognize themselves in their dreams, hopes, and unrelenting spirit. Live a great story means that everyone has a great story that deserves to be told. We can all inspire one another and learn from one another. We all deserve to live our great story!!! Love your purpose!!! Our next project is in Kenya Africa with the Maasai. I’d love to get photos of your stickers with this beautiful culture for you to share!!  They of all people capture the idea of living a great story – in a deep, inspiring way. Please let me know if you are interested!” – Karin D.

“#liveagreatstory means that you are making everyday count. being present and in touch with your inner soul is one way to live and tell a great story. #livingagreatstory also means going beyond the ordinary and normal levels to achieve something radical and worth telling about. My favorite motto is by Nectar Sunglasses: ‘Do epic shit'” – Chad S.

“To me it means that everyday is a new page in a blank book, and when you turn the page it is empty ready for you to write your own story, now that page can look the same everyday for each of its 365 pages, or it can be the greatest story you’ve ever read – I want my story to be a best seller.” – Sophie L.

“#liveagreatstory means the freedom to live your life. I actually found a sticker of yours ontop of Clingmans Dome in Tennessee after hiking up the mountain and it really hit me. I need to live and do as much with my life as I can right now so that hopefully I will havea story to tell when I am no longer able to explore.” – Kali B.

“It means SO much to me! I first saw it when someone on Instagram posted a picture of it. They were at the Hope Outdoor Park in Austin, TX. It just jumped out at me… like a lightbulb coming on, or a punch to the gut. That is what it’s all about! And the beauty of “GREAT” is that it means something different to everyone, but it is still so relatable. Another thing I love about #liveagreatstory is that it’s a silent way to make a difference in the world. That’s another trait of an INFJ – I want to save the world, without being noticed. It’s such a beautiful and mysterious way to change a life for the better.” – Colleen R.

“The first time I saw the hashtag #liveagreatstory, it made me think of the dean at my journalism college. During my freshman year of college, he asked me, ‘What’s your story?’ This question kind of caught me off guard, and I started to realize that my “story” was about to unfold. My journey through college was only the beginning of my story, and the rest is still unwritten! I’ve made it my goal to #liveagreatstory, so when someone asks me years down the road, ‘What’s your story?’ I’ll ask them, ‘How much time ya got?'” – Sydney S.

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