Pinch and zoom in. If you look closely, this Austin, TX Reminder looks pretty bad.

It’s ripped up, uneven, discolored and just sloppy. Why? Well at 3 am with super fast winds, head lamps, on a ledge 50 ft above the water, this specific Reminder gave us some troubles.

The spray paint outline. The print. The installation. All of it was pretty complicated. But it was for a good reason!

The older Reminder was getting worn down and looking shabby. Like, real bad. erthink had pasted below it, some scribblers (a loosely used word for careless spraypainters, had gotten ahold of it and others had slapped stickers on top of it. 

Overall, it was just looking sloppy and we couldn’t have that.

So we went out one night to put it up. We tried to spray paint over it but it looked terrible. Our concept didn’t quite workout and for one day it was just whited out. Actually this Instagram caught the before and after

But the next night we were out again trying. After a couple hundred of these you would think we had it figured out but this one gave us trouble. Too much paste made the paper soggy and it started ripping. The 40 mph gushing winds did a toll on the three foot pieces. It tore, it was crooked, parts ripped off. The spray paint looks kind of bad. There’s an off white part. Overall it just looks bad.

We thought about fixing it for the magazine shoot. It could look OK or it could look super great and why not super great, right?!

But I decided to leave it.

Imperfect, bruised and battered right there for everyone to see…and you know what? People still think it’s amazing, inspiring, “iconic”, and impactful despite the tears, misalignment, crooked-ness and everything that makes it seem ugly.

It’s not ugly. The scrapes and bruises are part of the story… they’re part of your story.

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