3 years ago, Tyquill Williams’s life changed forever. This certain day, three years ago, had started just like all other days. He would say his day was going pretty well, up until he found out of his best childhood friends had innocently fallen victim to police brutality at a routine traffic stop. This was the moment that changed the trajectory of his life. One of Tyquill’s best friends that he had grown up with, shared important life moments with and had bonded with, was gone. It was hard for Tyquill to actually process this information as this was a tragedy we are used to hearing on the news, and yet we never actually imagining it happening to ourselves. This moment seemed surreal as if it was a prank someone had played on him. However, Tyquill was forced to grasp reality and acknowledge the fact that his childhood friend was taken from him, way too soon. Despite all the negativity floating through his mind, Tyquill realized that life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Therefore, he made a promise not only to himself, but also to his friend that he would not only live life, but also live his great story.

It’s easy to succumb to the negative emotions, however, Tyquill decided to take his built-up energy and turn it into positive emotions. With these positive emotions, Tyquill found himself investing his time towards spreading positivity and creating art, his newfound passions. Tyquill found his passion for art and branched out into photography, graphic design, and even fashion design. Adapting to his new lifestyle, Tyquill adapted a new name, “Brannew”.

From this moment on, Tyquill has committed himself to living his life one day at a time. He tells others to never set limitations for themselves and to also never let others set limitations on you. Tyquill wants to encourage others to live their lives how they want to, not by how others want them to. When asked, “What makes you feel most alive?”, Tyquill’s response was a simple, one-word answer: “Living”.

When acknowledging the fact that he has kept his friend’s name alive and helped spread a message, Tyquill realizes the huge impact he has made on society. Today, Tyquill is working on graphic design, music, photography and even fashion design. Currently, he is working on producing his sister’s EP. Nothing is ever too much for Tyquill. He says he knows what he wants and once he sets his mind to it, there is no stopping him.

Instagram: @brannew_ent

Artwork: www.tyquill-williams.pixels.com

Tyquill’s sister’s music: @crowned_isis1 (Instagram)

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