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“Haiti for me was life changing. The people, the culture, the food, the hospitality, all these things made me fall in love the minute I arrived! I went to Haiti with no expectations and just trusting the LIVE family! I met incredible LIVE believers and made life long connections and friendships. Haiti has a special piece of my heart forever. From the dirty streets of Port au Prince to the beautiful views from Chic Chateau in Jacmel- the beauty of Haiti for me lies in Haitians themselves. I can’t wait to explore Haiti more in the future, to eat more wonderful Haitian meals and enjoy more Haitian Rhum- whether it’s on the beaches or from the mountain tops! I am ready to enjoy more of the richness of Haiti!” – Heather A.

“Going on the LIVE Haiti trip was nothing less than incredible…the best part was the people! Both the people that are drawn to LIVE and the people of Haiti made it such a rich, fun, and flavorful experience. I had no idea what to expect, and everyday was fulfilled with learning more about the Haitian culture, meeting inspiring people who are making lasting impact, and a variety of fun adventures that make you feel so alive! I can honestly say, that you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a LIVE trip! LIVE it up!” – Manny M.

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