It seemed as if Anne’s life had finally fallen into place.

Her mom had always taught her that “the only constant in life is change”, and that continued to be true in her life after time, after time. The day of her college graduation, Anne and her, then, girlfriend ended their serious relationship. From one moment to the next Anne was forced to rebuild everything, basically from scratch.You see, she had never really lived alone. She went from living at home, to living with college roommates, to living with significant others in relationships, but never had she lived completely alone. At this point, she found herself at a crossroads; she had the option to stay in San Antonio and start her new life on her own, or she could move back to El Paso and in with her mom until she got back on her feet.

Reflecting back on her childhood, she had been strong through everything life had thrown at her, and little did she know, this new lifestyle was something her whole life had prepared her for. She chose to remain in San Antonio and begin a new chapter in her story all on her own. Meet Anne Navarro, a woman who embraces everything life throws at her.

She grew up living in El Paso, Texas with her mom and sister, and that was all she needed. It’s not hard to see that her mother is truly a super-mom. She held multiple jobs and did what she needed to do to care for her kids. To add salt to the single-mom wound, Anne’s sister has been sick for the majority of her life. Thankfully, Anne’s grandparents were helpful and supportive and played a big part in helping out. Anne has always looked at her super-mom as her hero. She juggled a lot as a young, single mother of two and always stayed positive. She continued to remarry and believe in love after toxic relationships; she taught her kids the importance of family and positivity and so they are now strong women who can get through anything.

There was a brief derailment of the relationship between Anne and her mom when she came out as gay. It was new for everyone and it took a few years before things were normal again with them.

This, unfortunately, was not the case with the entire family.

Anne’s family consists mostly of conservative, traditional Mexican Catholic’s. As you can imagine, there is not a lot of room for the independent, agnostic, lesbian woman Anne grew to be. The few occasions she convenes with her family each year, she describes as “taxing”. Although everyone is cordial, she reveals:

“there’s this dance of a conversation avoiding anything personal, anything real that might make anyone uncomfortable”.

Any conversations regarding Anne’s marriage to Jessica, politics, or even the possibility of a baby, are completely avoided. Her family acknowledges the fact that Jessica is someone very special and important to her but “the fact that we are trying to make a baby doesn’t even exist to them”.

Hurtful as it may be, nothing has stopped Anne from making the most out of life. She and Jessica love being the writers of their own story. They constantly have new adventures and work hard to build a life for their little family.

When the two of them embarked on their journey of making a “tiny human”, as they say, they discovered that there was a serious lack of resources available to them.

For LGBTQ families in Texas, there is not an established resource or guide as to where to start. Not being able to conceive of a child in the traditional method makes things incredibly difficult and uncovers many discriminations and injustices from the government to medical practitioners and all in between.

For this reason, Anne and Jessica created Love Like Honey.

Love Like Honey is a website they created to simplify the process for others who are looking to build a family and are facing the same challenges. They hope that “by sharing our story we can do our part to make family planning easier for our LGBTQ community by providing information, support, and guidance”. They designed Love Like Honey as a central hub, so-to-speak, of resources coupled with a blog detailing their personal journey. They hope to one day make Love Like Honey a full non-profit organization where families can get all the assistance they could need including the inspiration to Live A Great Story.

You can see Anne and Jessica’s website at
Get in touch with Anne!
@hippie.anne (Instagram)
@lovelikehoneytx (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)

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