Weekly Challenge #1

What are you excited about for your LIVE A GREAT STORY journey?


Set an intention for the launch of Ambassador Season 4 and share it with the LIVE Community


Setting an intention, goal or vision is huge for helping to actually accomplish that goal. Writing it down is a internal step but sharing it with a group is a huge next step to bringing the goal to life. LIVE A GREAT STORY is all about supporting your journey so we all want to know what that goal is so we can help!


Think about what you want to accomplish in the next four months. Think career, relationships, goals, accomplishments, community. Sometimes it helps to make it very specific and detailed. For example : “lose 15 pounds” or “journal everyday”. It could also be broad like “Become more active” or “Become more social”.

Consider something where you could use accountability, community support or feedback (the LIVE Community is really good at these!)


  1. Share Your Goal in the FB Group
  2. Check in with your Ambassador Squad on Slack to share your goal
  3. Film a quick 20 sec video talking about your goal and why you’re excited about LIVE then email it to info@liveagreatstory.com ASAP!!
  4. Post a “Today I LIVE” Instagram post sharing your goal and why you’re excited to be part of the LIVE Community
  5. Check back to the FB Community on Wednesday for a halfway update
  6. Check back next Sunday for the compilation video of everyone sharing their goals!

Weekly Challenge #1