Weekly Challenge #2

Let’s make a Life List (it’s different than a Bucket List)


Grab a pen, paper and let’s start a list that could change your life… not some day but right now!


If you don’t write down your dreams they’re scientifically proven to be 87% less likely to come to life. Well, not really but you should definitely write them down because it really works. There’s just something about taking ideas, goals or dreams from your head and putting them on paper (virtual paper is cool, too) that makes them really real.


Set sometime aside to brain dump everything you want to do in your life. Alllllll the things. Crazy big ideas that seem impossible. Far away destinations. Everything you want to accomplish before you die.

That’s where a Bucket List would put you but recently we met Drew Myers from Defining Audacity and he made us think a little differently. He thinks a Bucket List is something that you have a long time to do… I mean, we’re not going to die very soon so we’ll have plenty of time to accomplish those big goals. But what about the small things right now?

What are some of the small items, the special everyday moments that you want to do but just might be “too busy” for?


  1. Grab a Pen and Paper and start writing down ideas. As many as you can
  2. Have a conversation about it. Maybe a friend, family member or someone in your LIVE Squad (ask your Leader!)
  3. Compile them all into a list and print it out, hang it up and share it in the FB Group
  4. Check back to the FB Community on Wednesday for a halfway update
  5. Check back next Sunday the Weekly Challenge Vlog #2 and the next WC!
  6. *BONUS POINTS* Last Season’s Ambassadors got creative with it Check it out!