Weekly Challenge #3

Let’s make a Vision Board! 


A vision or dream board is a powerful Reminder of where you’re headed.


A vision or dream board will keep you moving towards your goals and dreams by giving you that nudge towards your goals. It’s a reminder of where you’re going and the reason you’re doing what you’re doing.


Grab some magazines, print out pictures, think about what you want… then throw it all on a board! Hang it in your room, bathroom or on your door so you see it everyday on your way out of the house.


  1. Think about your dream life. How does it look? Where is it? How do you spend your time? What do you value?
  2. Grab some magazines, scissors and a board and get to crafting.
  3. Touch base with your Leader and Squad to bounce ideas.
  4. Share pictures of your Vision Board in the FB Community :: use secret word “dreams”
  5. Ask your friends about their dreams and goals and see what they say