Weekly Challenge #4

What lesson would you share with a younger you?


What’s a life lesson you would share with your younger self?


Learning from other’s lessons is a great way to both avoid mistakes and make better decisions. You don’t have to go through negative experience to benefit from the lesson on the other side! Listen to people who have been there and done that to avoid their mistakes. You’re still going to make mistakes, though, and those are lessons you can share with others to help them avoid the problems you experienced.


What are some life lessons you’ve learned that have made a big impact on your life? What lessons would you share with a younger you or a person going through a similar situation? Grab your phone, hold it horizontally and shoot a quick video explaining your life lesson…

“One of my biggest life lessons was…”

“A lesson I would share with a younger me is…”

“A big thing I learned the hard way was…”



  1. Think about your lessons
  2. Share your lesson with your Squad
  3. Grab your phone and film a quick 30 second video sharing your lesson
  4. Share it to Social media!
  5. Ask your Leader how to upload and send us the video
  6. Check back next Sunday for the compilation video!