Weekly Challenge #5

What specific tips, how-to’s or expert suggestions can you immediately implement to move forward?


Research specific category insights that detail actions that you can immediately implement to move forward


There’s people out there who have more experience doing what you’re doing than you do… so why not learn from them?? That way you can move forward more quickly. They found that dream job, accomplished that accolade, crossed off that Life List and they have some tips for you to make it happen, too.


Cold call! Well, probably email. Find the people (Insta is a great spot) and then reach out! Start with a compliment and talk about how successful they are at their lane and how you admire their success then ask if you can send them a couple specific questions about the topic. You could even try to get on a phone call!


  1. Touch base with your Squad to discuss the Challenge
  2. Research the people who are a couple steps ahead
  3. Reach out and ask for help
  4. Get creative on how you approach the situation
  5. Try to add value in return
  6. Share your findings in the FB Group
  7. Check out Wednesday Instagram Live on the subject
  8. Check back Sunday for the Recap Video