From Heroin Addict to Ultra Runner

From Heroin Addict to Ultra Runner

Shawn Livingston for LIVE A GREAT STORY back on my feet woke the monster

Shawn Livingston was facing 20 years in prison for drug possession stemming from a downward spiral of opiates and heroin addiction. But now he is an accomplished trail runner who mentors high school students and veterans, using his experience to inspire people to change their mindset and life.

Show Notes 

:40 - Shawn's Intro

1:08 - Military injury training for Iraq 

1:27 - Pain killers leads to getting kicked out of the military

2:12 - Heroin addiction problems lead to prison

2:32 - Facing 20 years in prison

3:05 - Getting back to being an athlete

4:00 - Getting into Ultra Running 

6:30 - "There are more people addicted to opiates than smoke cigarettes"

 7:55 - Using past experience to help others in the same situation

11:35 - Working with youth 

12:51 - "Change is generational and the importance of educating the youth"

 15:08 - "Woke the Monstor" documentary

17:17 - Great Stories, Chapter 3