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The Campfire Club is a community for those who actively seek the thrill of exploration, the challenge of the unknown, and the fulfillment of being the hero of their story.

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We’re looking for storytellers, content creators, and community engagers to join an adventurous community on a mission to be the hero of their story.


Wants to share their experiences


Has the desire to inspire others


Helps people feel accepted


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Exclusive Gear and Discounts

Ambassadors receive early access to new products, exclusive gear, and special discounts on all apparel and accessories.

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Content Creation Opportunities

Collaborate on content projects, get featured in brand campaigns, and have your story showcased on our social media and website.

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Unique Experiences and Events

Gain access to unique adventure experiences, brand events, and meet-ups with other members.

How it works

Share your story, join a group of adventurers, and inspire others on their hero's journey.

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Apply by sharing your hero's journey, stories from your adventures, and upcoming goals

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Once approved, you'll receive the campfire coordinates, a shareable promo code, and product vouchers for your next adventure.

Step 3

Take your gear on adventures, share LIVE A GREAT STORY with fellow explorers, and then come back to the campfire to share your adventures.

Earn rewards and incentives for your engagement, such as commissions on sales, bonus gear, and adventure-related prizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever question you have, our LIVE A GREAT STORY team is always ready to help. Email us at, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Since the beginning of time, humans have been telling each other stories. At some point, we transitioned to sharing them around fires. There's just something special about the crackle of wood under the stars with good people talking about life. It's part of being human to return to our roots. We chose the name because we've been around campfires for centuries, where stories are shared, lessons are learned, and life talk gets real.

The Campfire Club is a group of adventurous humans on a mission to live their own great story.

Stories are told, challenges are issued, and ideas are shared. Sometimes, we meet in person. Maybe we go on a trip. The LIVE A GREAT STORY community is constantly adapting.

We've had many versions of this community since 2014. And since the LIVE A GREAT STORY idea was born out of sharing stories with people from around the world, we always focus on bringing people together, whether digitally or, hopefully, in person.

Club members get exclusive offers and discounts, opportunities to actively participate in our business development, store credit or paid commission for referring your friends, and invitations to unique experiences and events.

Short answer: Nothing!

Long answer: We're looking for brand advocates to help us spread the LIVE A GREAT STORY message to inspire more people to be the hero of their story.

But we know life gets crazy, so there's no pressure to buy or do anything more than what feels right to you.

Yes, it's very easy to leave the club anytime you want. And you're always welcome to come back for more stories.