The spirit of LIVE A GREAT STORY was inspired by travels to faraway places, the adventure of getting lost to find your way, and sharing life stories with fellow explorers.

our story

The LIVE A GREAT STORY founder, Zach, walking around a market

How it all started

Zach, our founder, wasn’t sure what to do with his life but knew he didn’t want to follow a pre-planned life plan. So he dropped out of college, worked to save up money, and then bought a one-way ticket to Europe with no plan. During the seven-month trip, he was inspired by people he met at hostels, hitchhiking, and roaming local backstreets, and he loved listening to their stories about life.

Zach Horvath aka "The LIVE A GREAT STORY guy"

Letter from our Founder

Never did I think some red spray paint would lead to a global movement that would spread around the world.

I really wasn't sure what I would do with my life. All I knew was that I wanted to chase what excited me and collect a bunch of adventurous stories along the way.

No road map, no plan, just a deep motivation to live a life I could be proud of sharing with my grandkids. Easier said than done.

Blazing my own trail has been an emotional journey, and I needed some inspiration to keep going.
So one night, over a decade ago, I spray painted myself a reminder:

Soon, I realized that other people needed that reminder, too.
The message started spreading through the streets and social media, then through apparel and stickers. Now, 10 years later, LIVE A GREAT STORY has inspired people worldwide.

When all of this started, I was just a young and creative college dropout trying to figure out how to live a life filled with exciting adventures... and somehow, I am making it happen./p>

My story is far from over, and I know the future has many more ups and downs, but I’m committed to writing my story and making a series of big adventures.

Hopefully, my story inspires your story (and vice versa) because we’re all in this together, and the world needs inspiring stories.
Whatever adventure you’re on, keep livin’ it. Because who wants to die without any stories?
-Z (founder)

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Mural in Austin, TX

Our landmark mural on the Hike and Bike Trail in Austin has inspired millions of people since its installation in 2014. Click here to visit it yourself and make sure to tag us in your photos!

Giving Back to the Next Generation of Adventurers

5% of LIVE A GREAT STORY profits are donated to support Explore Austin's mission to empower youth to reach their full potential through mentoring, leadership, and outdoor adventure. They’re the change-makers helping young people write the great stories they deserve.


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