Going Out of Business?

The other day I received this email:

Going out of business email

I can see how someone might think LIVE A GREAT STORY is going out of business.

  • Tons of products have been sold out for too long
  • We've only posted 5 Instagram posts in the last 5 months
  • The monthly Ambassador digital hangouts have fallen off
  • The website hasn't changed all year
  • No new podcasts

So what's happening now at LIVE A GREAT STORY?

Actually, a lot is about to start happening.

  • New cold weather apparel is coming (Ambassadors got a sneak peek)
  • Sold out products are restocking
  • We're hosting a big story telling event in Austin soon
  • Season 2 of the podcast are being recorded and edited
  • ...and tons more 

But let's backtrack.

Why have things been slow at LIVE A GREAT STORY in 2023?

Hi Zach aka The LIVE A GREAT STORY guy

I have been traveling the world for the last nine months.

3 continents, 14 countries and 40 cities.

If you want to see the trip, check out my personal Instagram for all the content.


I climbed Kilimanjaro, rode scooters in the mountains of Vietnam, sailed across Indonesia, hiked volcanoes and waterfalls and slept in a Middle Eastern desert to name a few of my recent adventures. 

Daily I was spreading the LIVE A GREAT STORY message by always wearing a LIVE shirt, giving out buttons, flying my flag in epic places and putting up stickers across the world.

Over the course of the trip I gave away all my shirts to people I met along the way.


Because this is a small business and I'm the main person behind the scenes, LIVE A GREAT STORY slowed down while I was traveling.

It was really hard to prioritize sitting behind a computer working on LIVE A GREAT STORY when the alternative was exploring the world.

I've committed to spreading the LIVE A GREAT STORY message for the rest of my life so taking time away from my computer to find inspiration through local stories and while collecting lifelong memories made sense.

And now after 9 months I just got back to Austin, TX.

"So you're NOT going out of business, what's next?"

Want to hear stories from the trip? 

Join me at the Ambassador hangout on Oct 9th for stories, updates and to connect with members of the LIVE A GREAT STORY community.

Cold Weather Apparel

New hoodies, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts and more apparel and accessories are coming soon.


We're kicking off a new Ambassador Season starting October 15th. 

Apply here to join the action.

The Ambassador Team is one of my fav parts of LIVE so I'm excited for another season of connecting people through stories.

Ambassadors will get discounted early access to upcoming products and extra perks during the holiday season.

Expanding the Team

I am hiring part time team members to help LIVE A GREAT STORY make the biggest impact possible. If you want to join the action, apply here. 

(if you already applied, I'll get back to you soon I promise).

Story Time in November

In 2022 I hosted a backyard social story telling experiment every month in Austin.

Story Time is coming back in November so keep a lookout for an announcement soon.


To me, travel is part of my own great story.

LIVE A GREAT STORY was born out hostel dinner convos with people from across the world sharing life stories.

Jumping back into full time travel was life-giving and an absolute gift.

I'm returning to the states ultra-rejuvenated with ideas and plans to keep spreading LIVE A GREAT STORY across the world because I've personally experienced the universal power of this message for people of all walks of life across the globe.

Thanks for being part of the LIVE A GREAT STORY movement ❤️

You have no idea how much impact you're contributing by wearing the shirts, slapping stickers or giving out buttons and keychains to friends and strangers.

We're all in this together, one story at a time.

Come hang out on the upcoming Ambassador call, I'd love to see you there.

-z (founder)