Stories & Pictures from The LIVE Squad

Stories & Pictures from The LIVE Squad
LIVE A GREAT STORY stickers, flags and apparel have spread around the world, inspiring people from all walks of life. 
We love getting pictures of how people are using their LIVE gear out in the world! 
Buy a flag, some stickers or any of our inspiring accessories and send us your story to share! 

Amazing picture from photographer @flowkyte

LIVE A GREAT STORY Austin Bridge Graffiti Mural

8 year old Samuel spreading inspiration to his baseball team ⚾️LIVE A GREAT STORY flag for youth baseball children

From Suzanne :

"Thanks so much for the stickers! We added them to our Teacher Appreciation Week Mailbox Treat Bags. Here are a few of the pics that I’ve received so far."

Inspiring Tools for Teachers to give to their students

Amy went on quite the trip and took her flag so many places! 

LIVE A GREAT STORY Arizona Flag Adventures
LIVE A GREAT STORY Adventure Inspiration Flag in Joshua Tree California

Cynthia took the flag wayyyyy out there

LIVE A GREAT STORY flag out in the world adventuring in the mountains


LIVE A GREAT STORY Prom Celebration Flag

Donna went swimming with the fishies

LIVE A GREAT STORY snorkeling with the fish in Mexico

Eric and crew took the flag on their cruise down the Danube

LIVE A GREAT STORY Group Trip Adventures with inspiring flag

"My brother had not seen snow in 37 years and we had a blizzard! He was the first to use my flag!" -Mariyln

LIVE A GREAT STORY flag in the snow

From Bridget :

"After 2 years of deep depression, I found myself severely overweight. And addicted to sugar. Now it was time for a change. Since last July I have lost 55 pounds. And I am on my way to becoming a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher."