Balancing Work, Life and Epic Adventures to Faraway Places

Balancing Work, Life and Epic Adventures to Faraway Places

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Jesse found himself working tirelessly and wanted to break away to do his own thing. Leaving his previous job, Jesse became a property manager for his brothers' sister company and enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work and travel as he pleased.

One of Jesse's most incredible adventures was taking a 20+ day trip down the Colorado River down the Grand Canyon.

For most people this is a bucket list experience since only 33,000 people get to float the river every year.

Jesse did it four times! 

"The Grand Canyon trip is kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of people. I've been very fortunate to be able to have gone down four times in a row. 
It's a 20 plus day trip with 16 strangers you've never met, basically kind of surviving and living your own rules while you navigate 226 miles down the Colorado River inside of the Grand Canyon.
I fell in love with it and then got an opportunity to go back down again and again and again and as a guide.
Not very many people get to go down the Colorado River.

There's six to seven million people that visit the Grand Canyon at the rim.
There's maybe 33,000 people that actually get to float the river itself per year.
So it's a pretty cool opportunity to do a trip where you're literally cut off from the world."

Jesse has had some close calls during his adventures. He once burned his hands while repelling down a cliff, and he also flipped his raft in a class three rapids.

Jesse and his brothers had planned to hike Kilimanjaro in October of 2021 but COVID-19 canceled their trip. The pandemic may have altered their plans, but it did not affect their spirit for adventure.

Jesse has continued to travel and explore the world. He feels lucky to have had the chance to see so many unique and beautiful places, and he's grateful for the flexibility that his job has given him.

Jesse's story is one of determination and adventure. He found himself working tirelessly at a young age, but he did not let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. He took the opportunity to break away from his job, become a property manager, and have the flexibility to work and travel as he pleased. Jesse's love for adventure led him to the Grand Canyon, where he has had the chance to experience one of the most beautiful places in the world. His story is inspiring, and it encourages others to pursue their dreams, take risks, and explore the world around them.

What does LIVE A GREAT STORY mean to Jesse?

"For me it makes me want to have a story to be able to tell people. When I'm old and gray I want to be able to share it with people. I'm writing a story every day to be able to have something to look back on. When I'm old and gray, I can't move around and stuff like that, that will lift my spirit because I was living a great story and it's something cool that people can all relate with."

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