Behind the Mic: A Radio Couple Who Built a Thriving Podcast and Community

Behind the Mic: A Radio Couple Who Built a Thriving Podcast and Community

PK and DK met in a radio studio so it only makes sense that almost 15 years later this hilarious couple would still be working together in r̶a̶d̶i̶o̶ podcasting.

PK's journey with radio started when his family immigrated to the US from Greece. 

"My dad was really hardcore when it came to teaching me English. Instead of putting me in any kind of classes, he gave me book, making me write all day, all night. No T.V. No hangout time. Just writing hundreds of pages until I had blisters on my fingers.

That ties into radio because my dad wouldn't let me have a TV but he overlooked a little small radio.

So I started becoming a prize pick and just winning everything on the radio station contests. It got to the point they put a 30 day clause in at the radio station in Virginia Beach because I was winning all of the contests. But that's how I knew I really wanted to do radio."

PK and Denise met at a radio station and soon they were moving around the country to work at different stations.

Eventually PK felt limited by the by the constrictions of corporate radio, so it was time to start their own show... from a closet.

In 2014 the couple began recording a weekly show as a creative outlet.

Slowly they started building a community.

"It started out as a Wine Wednesday podcast. I would pretend I knew how to talk about wine and just talk about it. Everyone still like remembers those days. I don't think we realized it but I guess we're just very community based, like we love people. And we just kept going because it was fun."

PK and DK kept hosting their show, growing their community and doing what they love.

They even got married live on air!

Slowly their show picked up momentum and eventually they quit their jobs to run The PK and DK Show full time.

PK and DK have been one of the biggest LIVE A GREAT STORY supporters through the years, sending photos from all of their adventures.

"We traveled to Austin for ACL which is where we saw the LIVE A GREAT STORY sticker under the bridge. We just instantly fell in love. We're like, "Oh my God, this is it. That's exactly what we're doing! Because life is short and you gotta get out there and experience it."

We've been connected through social media and were finally able to record this podcast to dive into their story, how LIVE A GREAT STORY has inspired their journey and some of their funny experiences building a business as a couple.

If you're looking for a podcast that's full of laughs, relatable stories, and inspiration to keep follow your passion, this episode with PK and DK might be just what you need:



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