Elephants, Drones and World Travel : Founder Update from S.E. Asia

Elephants, Drones and World Travel : Founder Update from S.E. Asia

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Hi it's Zach, the guy behind the scenes of all things LIVE A GREAT STORY.

Keep reading for a very personal update on my current chapter...

I'm currently in South East Asia in Vietnam.

How did I get here?

By living my own great story...

On 12/28 I took off on a round-the-world trip.

The reasons to not travel were plenty, but I asked myself:

"How would I feel at 85 if I didn't take this trip?"

The answer was obvious, so I hit the road.

A decade ago I took a life-changing where I listened to people's stories from all corners of the globe.

During trip I realized that no matter where we come from, what language we speak, the color of our skin or anything that seemingly makes us different, in the end, we're all just humans living our own story. 

LIVE A GREAT STORY was born from that trip.

Now, ten years later I'm back on the road.

In case you were wondering...
1000% all day/everyday I rep LIVE A GREAT STORY to the max
  • My suitcase is stuffed with LIVE shirts and tanks
  • I brought about 250 stickers (not enough)
  • I have multiple flags for content and to give away
  • I've slapped a few dozen stickers already
  • I'm constantly giving stickers to fellow travelers (this is the coolest)

LIVE A GREAT STORY is here to inspire you to live your own great story, to keep pushing your comfort zone, try new things, share your story and listen to other people's stories.

Stories matter and they have the power to make the world a better place.

While traveling, I'm seeing the power of global stories on a daily basis.

The CRAZIEST THING HAPPENED in a few days ago way up in the Vietnamese mountains. 

Click here to watch on Instagram or TikTok.

To be honest, I haven't quite figured out how to share about this trip...

I wrote this in Thailand, edited it in Laos and now I'm finally sharing it from Vietnam.

I've been a bit shy and not sure how I wanted to talk about it.

But as of today, I'm committing to sharing more about this trip, my experiences and stories from people I meet along the way.

I've interviewed three people for the podcast, filmed lots of videos and have of course taken tons of cool photos.

Lots more stories coming so if you're into all of this, make sure to follow all the action on Instagram and TikTok.

If you need some motivation, check out the podcast that now has 2000+ downloads!
If you need a reminder to keep living YOUR own great story, grab some gear.
If you want to connect with other people who are living it, join the Ambassador Team (applications close 3/31)
Thanks for being part of this movement! 
Keep living your own great story,
-z (founder)