How to Dropout of College to Build a Creative Career Traveling the World

How to Dropout of College to Build a Creative Career Traveling the World

Kevin had always worked at restaurants since the age of 14, and he continued to work at restaurants full-time throughout high school and college.

However, Kevin would not end up finishing college, dropping out 24 credits away from getting a degree.

After deciding to drop out of college, Kevin worked doubles at three different restaurants to save up money for his photography business.

His first jobs were real estate shoots for friends in Maryland but his big break didn't happen until he took a two-week trip creating content across the United Kingdom with a college tour company.

After that trip, he stayed in Europe and sent hundreds of DMs and emails to try and get work.

One of the DMs he sent was to a penny stock trader, who invited him to Italy and then Bali to create content for him. 

Kevin didn't book the flights until a week before, and Kevin was unsure if it was real or not.

The offer was real and would end up launching Kevin's career as this opportunity led to him traveling around creating content, which led to more opportunities for building his photography and video business.

Over the past six years, Kevin has worked with a variety of clients, including CEOs, hotels, tourism boards, outdoor companies and private jet manufacturers.

He started a YouTube channel about three and a half years ago as a way to create a career that allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Kevin has a long list of adventures having traveled to 50 countries, buying a van in South America, and going from living a "dirt bag lifestyle" to shooting $5,000 and $20,000 a night hotels and private jets.

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