Travel, red spray paint and a simple message that started a movement of inspiration.

Hostel dinner convo's with people from around the 🌏

Our founder Zach had just returned from a seven month, figure-out-your-life trip. He didn't quite answer all life's questions but he returned with a journal full of experiences and one key lesson...

"We're all on our own journey. No matter where we came from, what language we speak, the color of our skin or anything that seemingly makes us different, in the end, we're all just humans living our own story. And it's up to each of us to be the hero of our story, which inspires other people to do the same."


This Started It All


People Started Sharing It!


Chasing the Inspiration

Zach kept spreading the LIVE A GREAT STORY message through a process called "wheat pasting". Lots (and lots and lots) of these "Reminders" fueled the social media spread as people stumbled across the message.

People Wanted More Inspiration

Friends, strangers and people from social media started asking for stickers, shirts, hats and more.

The First 100 Stickers

A few stickers passed out to friends and mailed to people who took pictures of the Street Reminders.

Homemade T-Shirt Printer

With $30 and some scrap wood Zach and his friend built a homemade screen press to start printing t-shirts.

The First 100 Buttons

Buttons helped spread the message from person to person because they were fun to unpin and give away.

Fueled by inspired people on a mission, the LIVE A GREAT STORY message started spreading far and wide.

Machu Picchu

Taj Mahal

Mt. Everest

People Even Have Tattoos!

Austin Landmark Mural

If you spend any time in Austin chances are you'll stumble across this iconic LIVE A GREAT STORY Reminder. Every couple of months this sign gets a refresher so keep a look out for new colors and designs!

What does living a great story mean?

Answering this is a personal question.

For some, it's adventure and travel. For others, making a positive community impact. It could be starting a business, being a teacher or just trying to enjoy the moment.

Whatever it means to you, your story is up to you!

LIVE A GREAT STORY exists to inspire you to be the hero of your story.

So pick up the pen and write a story you can be proud of, every day.