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Fitness, Moving States and Starting a Business

Morgan scheme’s to plan him a surprise birthday party. Little does she know, Jeremy had an insider give him the inside scoop, so he flipped the script and made it secretly their engagement party.

A Decade Long Love Story Starting in 5th Grade

CJ first asked her to be his girlfriend when they were ten… and not long after Erin broke up with him over AIM. Despite the breakup, they remained close friends but, in CJ’s eyes, she was always the girl that got away.

Timing, Travel and Taking it Slow (kind of)

Falling in love is a process, if you’ve been in love you know it happens before you even know it. You wake up one day with butterflies and next thing you know you’re smiling while texting at work.

What's your Love Personality?

 We all give, receive, and communicate love differently. This is an introductory quiz to help identify the beginnings of your Love Personality™ and personalized LoveTips to empower a thriving relationship.

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