The LIVE A GREAT STORY message has been inspiring people for 7 years 🎂 

Well, it's actually more like eight years because I originally spray-painted the phrase on an Austin, TX wall back in 2013...

However, LIVE A GREAT STORY didn't really start until 2014 with the first set of 100 buttons and stickers.

And ohhhh what a journey it's been!

See, you might not know this but...

LIVE A GREAT STORY is not a large company with lots of employees, a big office and a separate warehouse.

LIVE A GREAT STORY is pretty much just me, Zach, in my tiny office doing everything.

- Answering all your emails

- Shipping all your orders

- Designing, ordering and managing all of the products

- Concepting, producing and running all of the marketing

- And pretty much everything else you can (and can't) imagine that goes into running a business

LIVE A GREAT STORY is my great story... and I love it. 

I love getting messages about how this message has made a positive impact on someone's life.

I love seeing people's photos with their flag in beautiful places.

I love when people message me about how they just saw a sticker in some faraway country.

I love big orders for lots of stickers or buttons because I know whoever ordered will inspire so many people.

I honestly love pretty much all of it.

I'm so grateful to wake up every day to work on LIVE A GREAT STORY because I know it's making a positive impact in the world.

But this isn't about me.

LIVE A GREAT STORY is allllll about the people, like you.

It's the people that take this message, apply it to their own life, and then LIVE it out in the world.

All of the LIVE A GREAT STORY items are a way for YOU to inspire others...

- A lady sees your shirt at the grocery store and it makes her think about her mom story

- A guy sitting in traffic angry about his job sees your bumper sticker and it makes him think about making a career change, not for him, but for his relationship

- When buttons get passed out at a funeral, it makes people think about how they can live a more meaningful life

- Your mountain top flag photo inspiring people to book a trip

These are just a few real-life examples of the stories that people send me.

And it's all thanks to you.

You're out there wearing the shirts, spreading the stickers, gifting the buttons...

You're out there inspiring people to live their own great story.

Thank you.

Thank you for being you, for being the hero of your story, for making choices that leave the world a better place.

We're all in this together, writing our own chapters and collectively inspiring others to do the same 📚 


-z (founder, customer service agent, order packer, product designer, Chief Sticker-er, etc)

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