September's Convo: Adventure

September's Convo: Adventure

What does adventure mean to you?

For some it means trips across the world...

Risky activities... 

And maybeeee bending the rules.

But for others, adventures can be internal, not so dangerous and just a tad bit uncomfortable.

Either way, integrating adventure into our lives is an important part of living a great story.

Adventure means:

- Pushing comfort zones
- Moving into the unknown
- Taking risks, big and small 

Now the questions is...

How much adventure do you have in your life?

Join this month's Convo on 9/23 at 7pm CT to learn more about how you can add more adventure into your life so you can keep moving forward in your story.

What are Convos? They're kind of hard to explain...

"Wait, you just talk about stuff?"

Yeah exactly!  

But you probably don't talk like this often.

Engaging, thought-provoking conversations are powerful. 

The act of listening to understand, hearing different perspectives and voicing your beliefs has a profound effect.

Ever since the beginning of time humans have talked with each other to build a deeper understanding of life. 

And figuring out life is what LIVE A GREAT STORY Convos are all about.

Hearing people's stories...

Listening to how people see the world...

Sharing ideas and thoughts...

This is our way of keeping a centuries old tradition. 

And Convos are a blast! 

But don't take my word for it...

Check out this video of a few of us trying to explain the power of Convos.

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Check out our Featured Guest: Joel Runyon from Impossible

Joel Runyon is an American blogger and author. He is the founder of Impossible X and blogger at IMPOSSIBLE. He is also the founder of Paleo Meal Plans LLC. He is an athlete, endurance runner, businessman, and speaker. His TEDx talk has received over 600,000 views.

How does it work? 

7:00 - Convo + LIVE A GREAT STORY Introduction

7:10-7:20 - Featured Guest Joel Runyon of Impossible

7:20-7:50 - Small Groups Breakout Convos 

7:50 Closing Out