I texted over 4000 Customers

I texted over 4000 Customers

It was Friday around 3pm and I was bored. 

The weekend was so close, I didn't feel like working and I just wanted to relax...

But I had an idea 💡 

"Surely I'm not the only one feeling like this. What if I sent out a text?"

I just started using some new SMS / texting technology and up until this point, the few texts I've sent have been about sales or new product releases. 

But LIVE A GREAT STORY is so much more than just selling things...

Yes, our gear is awesome and people love to buy it...

But it's what happens after the purchase that is the coolest. 

The stories about where people take the flag, strangers asking about the shirt, stickers popping up in random places... 

The stories are the coolest part! 

And on a boring Friday, I was ready for some stories.

Ohhhh boy I didn't expect what would happen next!

As soon as I refreshed my screen I had 200+ text messages waiting for me.

I spent the next couple hours personally responding to as many people as I could...

It. was. awesomeeeeee.

So many people sent fun response, incredible stories and awesome photos.

Here's some of my favorites 😁


Let's text! If you're on your phone, just click here.

If you're on your computer, text "Story" to 1-424-373-5210

Some people weren't expecting to get a text like this 😂

Some people sent photos back 😍

Also lots of teachers using the LIVE A GREAT STORY message to inspire their students ❤️

And I got to chat with people about my life, too 😊

All in all, I had a blast texting with people from across the LIVE A GREAT STORY community.
I probably received over 500 texts and it took me weeks to get through them!
I love hearing stories about how people are living their own great story.
For each of us, it's different... but kind of the same. 
And that's one of the coolest parts! 
That's why we host monthly Convos to connect with like-minded people, talk about what's important and to share our stories so that we can all be a bit better at our own story. 
The next convo is happening Wednesday, September 23rd.
The theme is Adventure. 
It's free, super fun and I'd love to see you there 😊 Click here to register