Join the Convo: Impact

Join the Convo: Impact

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Join LIVE A GREAT STORY's weekly Convo series and connect with dynamic people for an engaging conversation on this week's theme of Positivity.

How It Works:

  1. Click here to register
  2. Double-check that it's on your calendar 🗓 and set a reminder! 
  3. Join from a computer with wifi for the best experience
  4. Each Convo starts with a featured guest sharing about the week's theme
  5. The group introduces themselves, starting with new attendees followed by return members if time allows. 
  6. After introductions are finished, we break out into 12-minute small group chats where you will connect with three or four inspiring people from across the country. If time permits, we'll break out into another group with new people.
  7. The call lasts usually one hour but sometimes the energy is really flowing so it might run a bit over. 
  8. Connect with new people, have energizing conversation and get inspired to be the hero of your story!

This Week's Theme is "Impact"

Join us for this week's call to talk about making an impact in your community, in your city and in the world.

Before the call, take some time to reflect on what "making an impact" means to you and how well you're doing at it right now.

Click here to RSVP for the Convo and feel free to invite people who enjoy energizing conversations with inspiring people!

Last week the topic was "Health", check out the recap video from our featured guest Jeremy Thiel: