Connecting People Through Stories, In My Backyard

Connecting People Through Stories, In My Backyard

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It's been awhile since LIVE A GREAT STORY hosted an event.

Over the years there have been many different kinds, with thousands of attendees in cities across the country.

But it's been too long and recently I felt a calling to do another one, so I listened to that feeling and organized a story hang out in my backyard.

The idea was simple: two themes, a few stories from stage to get the energy moving and then breakout small groups for people to share their story with new friends.

And something special happened...

Attendees listened, laughed, empathized, shared, opened up.

People connected: they felt heard, inspired, encouraged... and overall, they felt like they were part of something bigger.

It's because we're all a part of something bigger: it's called humanity.

Stories help us tap into this humanity.
When you share your story or listen to someone else's story, it reveals our shared humanity.
We realize that even though we look different, come from different places, have different beliefs and overall might seem very different...
We're all just humans going through the human experience. We're the same.
And through stories, we can initiate this sameness, creating a connection point with friends, family or total strangers.
That's exactly what happened at this event... and that's exactly why there's going to be more (the next one is already sold out).
The cool thing is that you don't need this event to experience this connection. 
The opportunity to share stories is available to you all the time, all you have to do is be willing to listen or share.
LIVE A GREAT STORY apparel or accessories help with this, because they act as a spark of connection around stories, either yours or someone else's. Just wear a shirt out into the world and be ready for someone to say, "What's your story?"
Try it out, it works, and it's amazing when it happens!
_ _ _ _
P.S. Now that in-person events are back, I'm starting to book corporate/team building workshops that help inspire and empower employees through stories.
If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, please email, would love to chat.