How To Take Control of Your Destiny

How To Take Control of Your Destiny

So often we get caught up in life that we forget to take a step back and really appreciate it. Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Arielle Shipe, someone we’ve admired for quite some time for her strength (quite literally) and motivational messages that she shares with her community. But behind the Instagram account, there is a woman that has gone through so much more than what people see in photos. 

During our conversation with Arielle, we asked her what one of the most transformative moments of her life has been. “On November 22nd, 2014 I was sitting at work when I got a text from my mom saying, “call me when you get this." Little did I know, but that text was about to rock my world and flip my entire reality upside down,” Arielle says. 

It was that day, she realized that her dad passed away, and suddenly life was much more precious. “That moment made me realize that while I wasn’t in control of when life would end, I WAS in control of everything that happened until then, and I decided from that point on I would chase my dreams with as much passion as I could muster.”

“The biggest thing I’ve learned along the way is that when you step out of the box there will be people who don’t understand you, who will want to tell you all the ways you are doing this whole "life" thing wrong. What I know in my heart is there are actually infinite ways to do this whole "life" thing and sailing my life into uncharted waters has been the most rewarding adventure I’ve taken yet.”

These uncharted waters have brought Arielle to a place where she runs a thriving online health business, big enough to allow her to live the life she’s always wanted to live. 


“My motivation was never to inspire others. It was to feel inspired myself, and to trust that wherever my heart guides me, it would in some way be in the service of the greatest good for all. That to me is what it means to LIVE A GREAT STORY.” 


"I want to hear from you all," Arielle says, "what does it mean to you to truly LIVE A GREAT STORY?" 

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