Do You Think Perseverance Is the Secret To "Success"?

Do You Think Perseverance Is the Secret To

Have you ever come across someone on Instagram and thought, how did that person get to where they are today? It can be so easy to see someone online and make assumptions, but so rarely do you actually get to hear what that person’s journey really has been like. 

For quite some time, we’ve been huge fans of Rodrigo Trevino of the account RodTrvn– constantly inspired by his innovative storytelling, beautiful visuals and photos of his dog. But what you see on Instagram, isn’t always real life. There has been a great deal of ups and downs that has brought Rodrigo to where he is today, and we had the pleasure of sitting down with him to learn more about his story, and why perseverance really is everything. 


“Becoming a professional photographer doesn't happen overnight,'' said Rodrigo, when we sat down with him to hear his story. “There is a struggle and a sacrifice that comes with becoming a photographer. The journey that got me to where I am today was rough, but I feel lucky that I stuck it out.” 

When you know what your passions and goals are, you have to make sacrifices,  and you’ll most certainly hit bumps in the road. “Many people don’t know this, but I was fired from my full time job when I lived in Oregon. That said, I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason and new something else was out there.” 

Rodrigo always had a passion for photography, but doing it full time was a far off idea. He knew he would do whatever it took to make this his full time career, and if he could be with his dog Rango while traveling, that would be the true dream. He started off small, reaching out to small brands here and there, and over time, his client list grew. Before he knew it, he was able to grow a strong enough customer base that he was able to start traveling, that’s when everything took off, but not without some strife along the way. 

While traveling with this dog, Rango, he noticed one day that he was sick. Rodrigo took him to the vet, and his results came back positive for cancer. Rodrigo said "I felt helpless and hugged him as he stared at me not knowing why I was so sad. Instead of going forward with Chemotherapy, I decided to take him on a trip of a lifetime." 

While they only had two months together before Rango passed away, the two of them spent amazing moments together.  Once he passed, Rodrigo felt incomplete, and as Rodrigo says, "Thats when Juneau came along. He was a stray dog who spent some time at the pound and I felt that we both needed someone. We didn’t know much about each other but we had a long ride ahead to get to know each other. Its been 2 years since I adopted Juneau now and it has been the best decision I’ve made."

For Rodrigo, "being a good photographer isn’t always about the pretty light or the epic landscape," he says. "I believe that photography has a deeper appreciation when there is a good story involved with it." 

“As I approached my life, I wanted to be my own boss and travel the world with my dog, that to me is what it means to LIVE A GREAT STORY. I think too many people are scared to take the leap. Too many people work a job they hate and let go of their dreams. As cliche as it may sound, life is too short to do something you hate. You are in charge of your happiness no matter what it may cost.” 

Are you ready to do what it takes to truly LIVE A GREAT STORY? Lucky enough, Rodrigo rounded up his favorite reminders to as a way to constantly remember that life is too short to quit your daydreams. All you have to do is use code RodTrvn and you’ll get 15% off at checkout. 

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