Why Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Why Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.” We had the chance to sit down with Jake Moon, the Founder of MoonMountainMan.com to learn more about his journey building his business that has amassed over 400,000 people on Instagram alone over the past few years. 


When asked, what is the one thing that keeps you going every day, Jake promptly shared that quote with us, and said he hopes that you remember it as you go on with your day. Taking chances, taking risks, and understanding what you want with your life, that’s exactly what Jake believes is how you really LIVE your life. 

Starting his career as a nurse in Utah, Jake always had a love for the outdoors. When life hit a rough patch for Jake right after college, he decided to go back to his roots and explore something he had always loved– nature. And from that moment on, he knew where he needed to go with his career and his life.  

“I’ll never forget my first trip,” Jake said. He took his dads camera and went and climbed  Mt. Timpanogos, a mountain in Utah. When he came back from that trip, Jake remembers looking back at the photos he took and memories flooded his mind. The good and the bad parts of the hike, everything came back to him, and that’s when he fell in love with photography. Not only that, he knew he needed to pursue it full time. 

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For Jake, photography and sharing stories with his community is a way to bring him back to the moments that are worth remembering. “To LIVE A GREAT STORY is to live a life that is worth remembering,'' Jake said, “and for me that is captured through the photography I’m able to share with my community. I’m very proud of that.”  

When we asked Jake, what about his life makes him the most proud he said, “ I can do anything I want to do with my life. And can live a life that I truly am proud. Do what you want to do, and don’t get too comfortable, go out and make memories you will always remember.” 

So what does this mean for Jake right now? At the moment, Jake and his family have decided to find a home back in Utah where Jake is originally from. Sometimes life happens, and for Jake and his family to truly LIVE A GREAT STORY, it’s important to take a moment to realize that it’s okay to stay in one place. Jake said “while life on the road is amazing, it can be hard, and it’s okay to recognize that, and take some time to settle down to be present for your family.”

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  • Nat

    It has taken time, sacrifice, a battle against my pride, and some seemingly scary steps but I’m finally working 100% remotely. I’m looking forward to getting out there again and being uncomfortable. Exploration, nature and faith have helped me move forward on what has in recent years been a rugged, steep and long struggle of a journey. The lovely discomfort of exploration takes me back to childhood; the frustration of not being in control (and knowing it), making messes, relying on the help of others, and experiencing/learning something new each day. I feel like I am breathing again after holding my breath for years. Thank you for continuing to be genuine in your work and in depicting the realities. See you out there.

  • Lindsay

    Love this! Always for living your life to the fullest, however that may be.

  • James Jabara

    Great blog! Gotta believe in yourself!

  • Ariel

    Your lifestyle and work is a breath of fresh air, figuratively and literally. It brings me comfort to see families out there and putting it all out there. My bucket list place is the Dolomites for a long time- and my husband and I have actually started planning and saving to make it a reality after I can recover from some medical issues. It is honey to my soul to scroll through your adventures, keep it up!

  • Jon Schaffer

    I love all of your work. I just got back from a national park trip cut a little short by us hitting a deer on the highway and totaling our car!

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