Where Will Your Passions Take You?

Where Will Your Passions Take You?
Have you ever dreamt of living a life where you can pursue your passions full time?       
When Josh, from California Through My Lens was working full time at a corporate job, he decided to create a blog that would enable him to further delve into his #1 passion, photography. Little did he know, this website would completely change his life. 
After running his site and YouTube channel for three years, Josh was able to leave his full time job to fully commit to his passion, photography, all while doing it alongside his wife.
California Through My Lens for LIVE A GREAT STORY
Photography for Josh is how he is able to LIVE A GREAT STORY. Being able to show up for his life, rather than living his life in autopilot is something that he hopes to be able to inspire others to do. 
"I want to create memories that last a lifetime and encourage others to do the same", says Josh. Dare to take risks, pursue that passion project and meet new people. You never know what will happen, it could take you to a place where you can travel the world for a living."           
As a way to remind you what you think it means to LIVE A GREAT STORY, Josh has rounded up his favorite LIVE A GREAT STORY reminders.   
We hope they serve as a daily inspiration for you to live the life you've always wanted to live. 

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