FAQ : The Conference

FAQ : The Conference
The LIVE A GREAT STORY Conference is going down October 26, 2019 in Austin TX! This one-day event is designed to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, creatives and impact-driven peers through hands-on workshops that help move your story forward. 
To ensure a high vibe, like-minded, collaborative, community focused experience The 2019 LIVE A GREAT STORY Conference is application based, please apply here.  
When and where is the LIVE A GREAT STORY Conference?  The LIVE Conference is happening in Austin, TX on October 26th, 2019. 

Who is the Conference for?

If these bullet points get you excited, the Conference is for you!

  • Focused workshops that help you move forward in your story
  • Life is more than a job or business, it's about relationships and community
  • Engaging group discussions to group-think ideas 
  • Like-minded people who are handpicked because of similar interests, trajectories and life perspective
  • Mastermind conversations around topics specific to your focus areas
  • Connecting with local people you've probably seen around town but you "didn't know they were doing that!"

I'm coming from out of town, what do you suggest for housing? 

Native Hostel! This upscale hostel is located right in the middle of Austin and is just .7 miles from the venue. They have upscale 6-bed dorm rooms that offer over-sized single beds tucked into hand-crafted bunks. Each bed has a privacy curtain, with lamp and plug inside. A shower, toilet closet, and vanity with brass fixtures and black mountain marble countertops. Locked storage is also provided for each guest.

Native Hostel for LIVE A GREAT STORY

What should I expect from The Conference? 

Connections. Ideas. Action. The baseline goal of The Conference is to connect you with like-minded people pursuing similars goal like building a business, growing as a freelancer, increasing proficiency in a job and generally becoming a better person. 

The main events of The Conference are the two 90-minute workshops. You'll pick one in the morning, one in the afternoon. They're split between "business" and "life" themes, so ideally you pick one of each. 

During the workshop, you will split into even smaller groups of 4-8 to work through the process, sharing about your story, the obstacles your facing and your plans for what's coming up. 

The cool part is that you'll be diving deep into your story while also supporting others in their dive. You'll be learning and teaching through the process, unlocking parts of your journey.

Though each workshop is different, the goal is to connect you with like-minded people with whom you can take action in your story on-site and to leave with a plan to keep the momentum moving.

Is there anything else happening that weekend?

Saturday night we're hosting a Happy Hour that's open to the public. We'll have live music, complimentary drinks and creative festivities. RSVP here. 

Friday and Sunday we'll be organizing casual events around town to further connect Conference attendees. Think walking tours, food outings, group brunch and more. 

Who's hosting the workshops? 

All workshops are hosted by talented and successful individuals with a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge to help you move forward in your story. 

What's the food situation? 

There will be complimentary coffee and light snacks provided by Picnik. We'll have a catered lunch. Leading up to the Happy Hour we'll have light snacks provided by ATX Food Co.

What does the ticket cost cover? 

The ticket cost covers entry to the Conference, two 90-minute workshops, one 30-minute workshop, lunch, a gift bag and first access to other events yet to be announced.