Great Stories : Book the Flight, It Will Change Your Life

bali swing Lindsey Dukes


Lindsey Dukes followed the traditional college > job > married > house scripted plan but at some point she realized it wasn't her route. So she booked a flight to Bali and from there everything changed. Now she works as an expert traveler for Under30Experiences. 

Book the flight. Go far away, visit distant lands, meet people who don't speak your language, connect with foreigners, collect experiences... promise it will boost your story and at the same time it will the world a better place. 



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Show Notes
:40 - "There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going" tattoo story
2:08 - "Let's start at the beginning..." 
2:24 - Following the American script : college, house, married etc
3:20 - Leaving everything to start fresh 
4:38 - "That first trip to Bali changed everyyyythinggggg"
16:58 - Making the jump and booking the first trip
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