Great Stories : Looking Back to Keep Moving Forward

Great Stories : Looking Back to Keep Moving Forward

Caren Kelleher for LIVE A GREAT STORY gold rush vinyl

Caren Kelleher is the founder of Gold Rush Vinyl, the "most advanced pressing plant" with the fastest vinyl turn around times in the music industry.

Caren will be a featured speaker at Great Stories, Chapter 2 on May 1st in Austin, TX

Show Notes

3:55 - The dots connecting backward

5:06 - Total flops and failures that allowed space for new opportunities

6:12 - “Founder of a really cool company that is very successful. Our first year we’ve done numbers that blows me away. But that’s not to say it’s not hard…”

7:25 - 10:00 Un-successful Kickstarter

11:10 - 12:40 Old Town Road was over one year in the making

12:45 - “You think of a music process as a car with four tires: time, talent, team and luck.”

13:34 - “The Rockboat Story, Fried Chicken and 8 years for the Zach Brown Band”

14:55 - They should teach you in first grade that things will take foreverrrrrrr

16:30 - Fast fix is BS

17:30 - The Journey and how to dive into the energy that keeps you going

21:40 - The unhappy, seemingly successful people in Silicon Valley

27:00 - Great Stories rundown