Great Stories : Building East African wells that ACTUALLY work

Great Stories : Building East African wells that ACTUALLY work

#ShowerStrike is about to start!! Join the LIVE A GREAT STORY Team to helping deliver life-saving water systems to East Africa that will last for generations. 


Listen to this Icebreaker Chat with Well Aware's Chief Strategy Officer Jessica Sager share about their mission, how they measure and track their well success and also how to get involved through the ShowerStrike
Watch Jessica's story from Great Stories, Chapter 2

Jessica Sager, Chief Strategy Officer of Well Aware, shares about how their program has helped over 61 communities in Kenya and Tanzania which has impacted over 250,000 lives through a 68% drop in diseases with an education increase of 35-65%.


Show Notes

8:45 "The things I love to do as Cheif Strategist officer include making the world a smaller place."

9:23 "I want to educate people on the second global water crisis. 60% of water systems fail in the world. Well Aware has a 100% success rate"

11:27 "You can't just decide to build 100 wells 100 meters deep, that's just not going to work. So what we do is pull hydro surveys on the land. We interview the community on what's worked. We look at rainwater. We tailor a solution that's best going to serve the community and something they can maintain over time."

13:00 "We define success by results over time. Not just the picture of hitting water but maintaining relationship over time, metrics like disease  and education rates, maintain communication with the community..."

13:22 "We're absolutely growing. Currently we have 19 projects in que."

15:00 Shower Strike Campaign *very cool story*

18:13 Zach explains the LIVE A GREAT STORY story

P.S. Jessica was traveling in Mexico City last summer and saw a LIVE A GREAT STORY at the TOP TOP TOP of the Teotihuacan Pyramids! 

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