L❤️VE Stories : Taylor and Jared

L❤️VE Stories : Taylor and Jared

Taylor Dixon and Jared LOVE A GREAT STORY

Taylor says she knew the moment she saw Jared they would date... but they found each other, in what most people would consider a "bad timing". They both just ended long term relationships and wasn’t looking to get into anything else serious…. but they also had an undeniable connection they couldn’t ignore. For the first 8 months of their relationship, when people would ask about their relationship, they would respond with saying they were keeping things “light and casual.”  Even though, their friends didn't believe them.

In those eight months, the two traveled the world together. They have immense trust in each other and celebrate each other’s independence. During this time, they were committed to honest and open communication, allowing them to build a foundation of genuine friendship first.

Since the beginning of their relationship, they have valued growth within themselves and grow together.

“You have to learn how to grow together because what kills relationships more than anything is people growing apart.”

This week they share a glimpse into their story from the moment on a cliffside in Greece when they made it official to their mutual devotion towards growth.

“We always get to this point in our relationship where we have to make a decision, and our decision has always been to keep growing and seeing where that takes us, every time our love just expands. “

They are both a gift to every person they interact with as they always see the best in everyone.  Taylor is an incredible lifestyle design coach who has transformed countless women’s lives. Jared is the marketing director for a financial media company.