L❤️VE Stories : Shruthi + Hank

L❤️VE Stories : Shruthi + Hank

Shruthi and Hank from The Honest Shruth

They first met at Einstines while they were picking up bagels at the University of Texas, but Hank was dating a sorority sister at UT at the time. The next time they saw each other, he didn't remember Shruthi 🙈

Slowly, the two became friends. Hank ended his last relationship and the two start dating.

After four years of dating, Shruthi and Hank tied the knot and immediately moved to London where they began their married life together. Their year abroad sparked her career as a full-time blogger and social media influencer.

Their natural love for coffee, shopping, food, and architecture, birthed The Honest Shruth, Shruthi's blog.

This week on #LOVEAGREATSTORY, Shruthi, a first-generation Indian American and Hank, a native Texan, are not strangers to conflict as overcoming cultural differences weren't always easy. However, they share their journey and how they've learned to make every conflict a learning opportunity.

These two are funny, wise, and genuine. You can find more on their story on full podcast episode here.