L❤️VE Stories : CJ + Erin Finley

L❤️VE Stories : CJ + Erin Finley

CJ and Erin Finley of Thrive on Life 




CJ first asked her to be his girlfriend when they were ten… and not long after Erin broke up with him over AIM. Despite the breakup, they remained close friends but, in CJ’s eyes, she was always the girl that got away.

They eventually went their separate ways to college and Erin got her first job thousands of miles away, in Houston, Texas. Despite the distance, they managed to keep in touch.

Unfortunately, tragedy hits her family and, she lost her father suddenly.

CJ reached out and supported her the best that he could through the devastating time. At the same time, CJ was working in NYC and miserable.

His friends asked him if he could have or do anything in the world, what would it be? He said “There’s this girl in Texas…” and next thing you know, he booked a flight to go see her.

Well, let’s just say things worked out for them and you’ll have to watch their full interview or listen to their podcast episode (release’s Feb 7th) for the rest!

After a few moves across the country and the state of Texas, they are now happily in Austin, TX as critical parts of the city. They get behind everyone they can with their heart, words, and actions.

These two represent #LOVEAGREATSTORY because of their dedication to growth and empowering others to thrive in every area of their life. Their main focus in their communities right now is the intersections of fitness, entrepreneurship, and the journey within.

p.s. We release their podcast episode this week! Stay tuned for our incredible conversation as they share even more practical insights as to how they’ve made it work, through grad school, entrepreneurship, building community, all while creating a thriving marriage. It hasn’t always been easy but they’re frank with us and we couldn’t cherish their insights more.

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