Looking Back and Moving Forward to 2019

Looking Back and Moving Forward to 2019

“Only look back to see how far you’ve come.”

Another year in the books! And what a year it was. LIVE A GREAT STORY saw a lot of action in 2018 and we're super grateful for everything that happened and for everyone that was a part of our story.

Here's a quick recap of some of the big news from the year and a look into what's coming in 2019!

Austin Retreat

In April we hosted the first LIVE A GREAT STORY Community Retreat for an activity-filled weekend that included a city-wide scavenger hunt, The Inspiration Afternoon and stand up paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake.

People drove and flew in from multiple states with everyone staying at the biggest Airbnb we could find. The weekend was filled with family dinners, sitting around the fire and activities around the city.

It was our first retreat and needless to say we had a blast!

LIVE A GREAT STORY Ambassador Retreat

The Squad

In 2018 we introduced The LIVE Squad as an expansion of our community and in the process expanded to nearly 4000 people from around the country. Most of the action happens in a private Facebook Group that’s kind of like a town square where people come to connect, share stories and inspire each other.

In 2019 we’re focusing more on using The Squad FB page as a hub for all of the action happening in the LIVE world.

The LIVE A GREAT STORY Squad on Facebook


A huge part of LIVE A GREAT STORY is travel so this year 13 of us visited Peru for a week-long adventure filled with ziplining, mountain biking, stand up paddleboarding and of course Machu Picchu. We even hiked Huyanna Picchu, the 1000 ft peak that overlooks the ancient city (that peak behind us in the picture).

Tip : move Peru higher up your “list” because it’s an amazing country filled with great people, incredible views and tons of activities.

The Guide Kickstarter

The biggest news of the year was the release of our flagship product, The LIVE A GREAT STORY Guide on Kickstarter. After four years of listening to thousands of stories, we combined all of the lessons into a simple but sophisticated booklet that helps you clarify your values to cut through the overwhelm and move forward in your story. Over 270 people backed the Kickstarter to help bring the idea to life! 

Launching The Guide was the biggest challenge we've faced so it was quite the taks so we're excited to see what happens when it starts spreading across the country.

New Website

Since you’re reading this you might have realized we have a totally new site! We’re super excited for the upgrade and for the opportunity it creates for expansion in 2019.

We wanted to get it live before the new year and it's still receiving some finishing touches so pardon the dust :)

To celebrate the launch of the site and release of a few new products we're giving out a 20% discount so click here and the code will be applied at checkout!

New Collections on the Way

New gear! In 2019 we’re releasing new apparel collections to keep you inspired and spark connections. From new designs to fresh accessories, stay tuned for gear that will not only keep you moving forward but will open doors for connecting with like-minded people.

If you’ve worn a shirt, rocked a hat or have a sticker on your phone, you know the power of LIVE A GREAT STORY.

LIVE Sponsored Trips

Kelly, our Head of Content and Community Development, is hosting three LIVE A GREAT STORY sponsored trips to India, Peru and Yosemite in 2019.

Kelly is an amazing trip leader with a heart for cultivating authentic connections so if you’re interested in a life-changing trip this year, click here to learn more.

Conference? Retreat? Summit? Yup!!

The first LIVE Retreat was a blast so we’re hosting another one in Fall 2019. The plans are still in development but it will for sure happen in the Fall.

The Squad will be the first to hear about it so definitely stay tuned if you’re interested.

In the meantime, we’re going to be participating in tons of activities around Austin and supporting some of our rad friends who are making an impact in the city so definitely keep your ear to the streets and come hang out if you’re in the city.

LIVE A GREAT STORY Conference Austin TX

Thank you so much for being part of the LIVE A GREAT STORY ripple effect. 

Our team is insanely grateful for everyone who hangs out with us and we're excited to keep bringing y'all new ways to inspire and be inspired. 

To 2019 and on 🚀🚀🚀🚀